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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Your Noms Are So Berkeley

Photo by Stephanie Johnson

So the #1 topic in the first few months of Your Mom is So Berkeley was food.  More people had more posts about food than anything else.  It's not even close.  So here's the first batch of organically grown, locally sourced, free trade jokes.

...you got yelled at as a kid for sneaking the peas and tomatoes out of the garden

...she starts every day with a latte.

... you grew up thinking yards were for growing sweet peas, lemons, apples, raspberries, plums, quince...

... you know what a quince is.

...she used to go to Rocky's pizza and use the half and half for the coffee to cut a single Yoohoo for you and your sibling.

…"fried" chicken was breast covered in Nutrigrain cereal and baked.

... that you remember shopping at Berkeley Bowl when it was just a fruit stand in the corner of an old deserted bowling alley.

...that she kept any food containing chemicals under padlock and key, only distributing to the little brother if he hadn't eaten for 2 days.

…my mom bought the fresh horse meat dog food at that little health food store...that one was always a bit weird for me.

…we didn't eat grapes until well into 80's.

…her Co-op number was “1”

…she mistrusts microwave ovens and uses the one given to her as a breadbox

…she bought bonita instead of tuna at the co-op

…you still feel guilty eyeing grapes in the store, and granola & yogurt is a default snack.

…you used to eat frozen peas for snacks

… that growing up "milk" was created by mixing a white powder from the Co-op with water in mayonaise jars

…she heard a carrot scream when she pulled ...it out of the ground.

…you had to steal processed "junk" foods from your friends refrigerators.

…you didn't have a refrigerator for years (or a color tv) because it was supposed to be 'healthier"

…the only way you got to eat candy was to pick it off the ground and hide it from your mom in your mouth.

…you had cheese and sprout sandwiches on homemade wheat bread for lunch. In wax paper bags.

… snack time at Montessori elementary could only be celery with co-op peanut butter, apples with co-op peanut butter, or carrot and raisin salad. Too bad these days, kids cannot even bring peanut butter to schools!

…she had powdered milk in old IV bottles

…you had Co-op peanut butter jars full of soup in the freezer

… the first time you saw a bowl of table grapes you had a panic attack 

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