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Monday, March 29, 2010


This is Monday, you should see casual Fridays.

I haven't really decided on a format for the blog yet but today a co-worker came in dressed as seen above.  So today is dedicated to style.  The fact is your mom is probably never going to make an appearance on Work it Berk.  Here's why:

...when she cut her long hair when you were in first grade you didn't recognize her.

...all your baby pictures involve clogs, overalls, and/or tibetan prayer flags

...she still feels bad for buying high-heels. Once . In 1982 .

...that in pictures of an early birthday party, she is wearing bell-bottoms and a t-shirt that says "A woman's place is in the house . . . and the Senate."

...she bought you matching "One Voice Pro Choice" T-shirts at the march when you were abou t 13.

...because when you were a kid and other kids teased "yo mama wears combat boots" uh yeah she did

...she put you in a "I love my two dads" onesie even though your parents were straight and married .

...she sewed a Dashiki ( s p e l l i n g ? ) for your elementary school folk choir . . . and you still cried because they ran out of "I Have a Dream" Medallions.

...half of her clothes are from another country .

...Four words: rainbow striped bell-bottom jeans . . . oh wait - maybe that's five . . . . .

…you had callouses from preferring to go barefoot

…she sports a backpack or fanny pack instead of a purse.

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