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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More from Day One

Photo by Stephanie Johnson

Here's the more posts from the first 24 hours of YMISB.

 Your mom is so Berkeley...

...you both had the same Spanish teacher at BHS

...she sent you to an immersion preschool for a language she doesn't speak.

...You're the reason there's a mixed race option on demographic information forms.

 -Roberto S.

...she mortified you with her hideous bell bottoms well into the 80's, which you later hypocritically pimped yourself in the 90s

...no one would trade you for your peanut-butter, lettuce and sprouts on sprouted wheat sandwiches

...she's pals with Wavy Gravy

...you didn't have a VCR, remote control, cable, or microwave till high school

-Amy V.B.

...because of the subliminal oppressively patriarchal nature of the word "mother" - or "mom," as it were - you and her had a round table discussion hosted by bell hooks and jointly agreed to refer to her not as "mom," but "goddess of positive personal maternality."

-Jake B. 

...you can find her in scenes from "Berkeley in the 60's"

...she remembers Mr. Anderson and Ms. Groves (back then, Ms. Bement) from her days at Berkeley High

...she insists that it's Garfield, not King

...she still has soap and bandages and other supplies with the Co-op price sticker on them

...she still calls it Bill's Drugs

...she still doesn't have cable

-Jenny C.

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