"Your Mom is So Berkeley" started out as a joke at work. We thought it was funny so I wrote a note for some friends on facebook. They thought it was funny so I made a facebook group. The "Your Mom is so Berkeley" facebook group now has over 2,500 members so I've decided to bring it out to a wider audience. I hope you like it.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Long Time, Let's Catch Up Real Quick...WE HAVE A THEME SONG!

Sort of how I imagine a Village of Cream Puffs.
Photo by Stephanie Johnson

UPDATE: The Cream Puffs are Somewhat Misleading!

It seems my mistake was misreading the credit for the song and giving attribution to the label and not the artist.  My bad, though I do think Sound Cloud needs a better layout.

Well this does give us the opportunity to give credit where it's due.  The true artist behind the YMISB song is a woman from Berkeley who publishes and performs under the stage name "Cactus Dawn." The YMISB song is sort of a rough cut but you can find her more polished work on her YouTube channel.

Hi All,

So it's been a year since my last post.  As you know I've been chasing a PhD which required that I move back to DC.  In that time my "So Berkeley Mom" of a wife and I had another kid who may well grow up to be a Berkeley mom herself.

Also in the last few weeks we almost fell victim to the new Facebook rules for groups.  I wasn't super bummed.  No one had posted in a while and I figured maybe this thing had run it's course.  After all, I hadn't had time to promote it and keep it going.  I sent a "farewell and thanks" note to members on Facebook and they got enough traffic to the page to save it.  It was a heartwarming display from the YMISB community.  In that process we added about 300 members.   But it's funny, we can't seem to get past 2,500 and stay there.  Every time we get over 2,500 we lose a few.  I don't know if that's a Facebook limit or just the vagaries of people's online habits but it's interesting to me.

The last few weeks have seen a bit of a rebirth on the Facebook page and I've been putting some of the gems out on the twitter feed (@yourmomissoberk).  One of the best things we've had in a while is that an act called Village of Cream Puffs Cactus Dawn, has written us a theme song.  Well, they didn't really say it was our theme song but since the song is called "Your Mom is So Berkeley" I'm adopting it as out official anthem.  Give it a listen below.

Your Mom is So Berkeley by village of cream puffs Cactus Dawn

Thanks VoCP Cactus Dawn!  And thanks to all of you readers and members out there!

You can find the original post by Village of Cream Puffs Cactus Dawn by clicking here.