"Your Mom is So Berkeley" started out as a joke at work. We thought it was funny so I wrote a note for some friends on facebook. They thought it was funny so I made a facebook group. The "Your Mom is so Berkeley" facebook group now has over 2,500 members so I've decided to bring it out to a wider audience. I hope you like it.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First Cracks

So I was going to wait until I had a few posts in the can before launching the website but the cat's out of the bag. After the New York Times article came out I figured it would be a good time to bring Your Mom is So Berkeley to people who don't have facebook. As always thanks to everyone who joined the group. You all have me rolling on a regular basis.

OK, so all the posts below this one are from the original note that was posted on FB. They are uncredited but thanks to Elliot, Gaby, Nora, Nadja, Afran, Molly, Stephanie, Bret, Nina, Isaac, and Claire.

PS: Nina, your mom is so Berkeley that when my wife asked "Who's Nina?" I told her who your mom is and she got it right away.

Your mom is so Berkeley...

...she knows all the people on the wall at Noah's Bagels

...she knows Wavy Gravy's real name

...she wears a hemp fanny pack

...her idea of a vacation is camping in People's Park

...she can tell you why it's called "Shellmound"

...her garage has a topographical map of the Ohlone Greenway

...she still... has her Co-Op membership card

...all her tupperware is from the olive bar at Berkeley Bowl

...she was the midwife for her own home birth

...she made you a pair shoes at camp Kee-Tov

...her car has a 1/4 inch of bumper stickers on it

...she considers her Pickle Family Circus t-shirt to be formal wear

...she only buys free trade socks

...all her condiments come from the Ashby Flea Market...so did all your bikes as a kid

...she bought a transmitter and started KPFC

...she still gives directions that include Grove St.

..she's planning a save the redwoods tree sit in my backyard

...she has a west Berkeley speed bump named after her

...she gives her mulch to the community garden

...she still has keys to the I.N.F.A.C.T office

...she'll sign anything given to her outside a grocery store

...she pronounces sherbet with an r before the t

...she... knows at least one person painted into a mural in town

...she remembers Pink Man as "that kid from her art class"

...she has a toddler trailer on her bicycle that's only used for dogs and the farmer's market

...she knows and avoids the location of every cell phone tower

...you were hanging out at protests before you could walk (including international breastfeed-in-public day)

..she met your dad at KPFA while doing late-night poetry "rap sessions" with Allen Ginsberg

...she's a therapist

...she consid...ers velvet to be both casual and formal-wear material

...she has four different versions of Free to Be...You and Me (two of them signed)

...she has a framed poster of the 20th anniversary of La Pena in the kitchen

...she still asks if her grown children would like to have their birthday parties at Codornices (pronounced with an extra "r" before the "d")

.. her idea of letting you 'hang out at the mall' was dropping you off at REI on her way to ashkenaz.

... you thought 'exercizing parental rights' meant tai chi.

..when she hears a new celebrety's baby's name she says "we almost named you that"

...your first act of rebellion was not separating th...e recycling.

...she remembers Theodore Kaczynski as that professor she did shrooms with that one time.

...she met you step-dad at a concert across the street from Berkeley High

...she finished your attic with lumber from Adventure Playground

...you fell out of a tree at school and no one got sued.

... you thought cheesecake HAD to be made with tofu.

...one side of her house is shingled with 5.25 inch floppy disks.

...she knows most of your BUSD teachers from the Ashram

...she has a fence made from old street signs

... she brings a pick...et sign with her when you go bowling in case someone yells "strike!"

...she braids her leg hair

...she made a salad from miner's lettuce at Tilden Park, with dressing from aloe juice from Berkeley Natural Grocery (which she calls "berkeley natch")

...she buys patchouli in bulk.

...she conceived you in the back of a "real" VW bus, at a Dead concert

...she wears black Dansko clogs-with a dress...

...you grew up eating bulk muselix that came in a produce bag.

...she cried when black oak books closed (oh, wait. so did I)

... the cheeseboard is her "office"

... she lost her virginity in the back of the UC Theatre on Rocky Horror Picture show night

...... she used to protest the company you now work for ;)

... she totally had you believein' a Walter Mondale/Jesse Jackson ticket would be a unstopable jauggernaut

.. she's finally updated her wardrobe to include light purple. along with all the rest of the dark purple stuff.

... she thought 'dragon blossom' was a fine name for you & shouldn't just be the name of an item at her favorite chinese restaurant.

she gave you a Janis Joplin CD for 18th birthday

Jesse Jackson poster is still up in the laundry room

...she hasn't admmited to shopping on 4th street since it "sold out"

...she insists that the carob treat she is giving you is "just like chocolate"

...she introduced you to your pot hook-up.

... your birthday cupcakes were made with carob

..and so is your other mom.

...she taught you that roshambo is paper, plastic and glass

...she wears traditional garb when she goes to the Thai Temple on Sundays form Brunch/lunch!

she sent you to school with a ..."Reagan Buster" T-shirt on....

...she bought only sandals for her children until the mid-eighties

...she still complains about McCullum's Ice Cream moving away

...she still complains about when Reagan was governor

...you thought everyone ate their pancakes with powdered sugar and lemon.

...in jr high you thought that Bush Sr.'s first name was "that assh**le"

... you were fish oil when fish oil wasn't cool

...you didn't know what cable was until you got to college.

...you went to your first protest in a stroller.

...walking around the house naked (or at the beach, park etc) is normal


  1. "television" was one hour of PBS a week

  2. you thought of Reagan as the devil.... and still do :)

  3. Noah's bagels? oh hell no- it was all about BROTHER'S bagels baby...

  4. You thought all bagels where whole wheat.