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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Best of the Rest

Photo by Stephanie Johnson

So when I said “Here’s the rest of the posts from the first 24 hours” a couple posts ago that’s exactly what I intended it to be when I wrote it.  Then I jumped the gun a bit and posted it before it was finished.  Below I give you the best of the rest from that first day.

Your mom is so Berkeley...

...you call her by her first name.

...she still has a Whole Earth Catalog on her coffee table.

...her idea of boots is adding wool socks under her Birkenstocks

-Roberto S.

... she has done *way* more drugs than you and laughs with her friends about how straight you are

-Laura G.

...she made you go to Hebrew school and camp Kee Tov, then pulls you from the "zionist dogma and patriarchy" of the temple and had you baptized Catholic at 8 (at St. Mary Magdalene's). After having a falling out with the local priest, she then converts to Theravedan Tibetan Buddhism, and starts sending you to meditation retreats as a pre-teen with your little sister, to "work on your mindfulness."

-Nora B.F.

...she's hella Berkeley

-Stephanie J.

...one of your Saturday chores was to pull the wagon up to the Co-op to help her bring the groceries home.

...her car is...no wait, she doesn't have one.

...she still calls it "Fat Alberts;" in fact she knew Albert but hasn't talked to him since the divorce.

...she's been yelling at the curbside recycling poachers for decades.

-Lee T.

...she prefers her teenagers stay home to smoke and drink with her rather than go out and get into trouble

-Isaac B.

...when you ordered brie at the Cheese Board as a kid, you called it "Mommy's Cheese."

Juliet G.

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