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Friday, June 4, 2010

Food II

What is your mom cooking?  What's in my food?  AAHHHH!! Photo courtesy of Chelise Stroud Hery

I know what you're thinking, "Dude, finally! Where have you been?" Well the last few weeks around YMISB HQ have been consumed by "Application Madness 2010." I've made the decision to go back to grad school and see what this whole PhD thing is all about. The "madness" part is that the program was just approved two weeks ago for fall enrollment so everything's been compressed and stressful. Thus, no time for posting.

But enough about me, let's talk about your mom. Food still rules the roost at YMISB your mom really scarred us all with her carob muffins and frankly we're not over it.

Your mom is so Berkeley…

…you thought 'Bragging' referred to seasoning your food.

…she puts tofutti on croissants

…she buys people food stamps ($1 for $1) so they will have cash to buy non-food items.

…when you were broke you got sent out to pick dandylions for soup.

…your special family dinner was putting a giant bowl of couscous on top of a sheet on the floor and having us sit around it, rolling it into balls and-always as the meal digressed-throwing the couscous balls at each other.

…she decided that a burnt Dominos pizza pie looked like art and so she nailed it right to the wall above the kitchen table, where it stayed for quite some time.

…Or framed two boxes of peeps and hung them on the wall for 15 years.

…you didn't know what refined sugar tasted like until you went to public school.

…you never went to McDonald's until Junior High with out of town friends.

…you just assumed everyone knew what an olallieberry was until I went to college and people had never heard of it before!

…you were shocked (at the age of 30) to find that mainstream families keep a snack drawer in the kitchen into which they place all kinds of junk food and which is apparently open access, even to the kids

…she still thinks rice cakes and grind-your-own peanut butter is the perfect breakfast.

…hemp continually replaced oregano as the main seasoning at dinner

… she still uses cheesecloth to strain store bought yogurt into thicker "homemade" yogurt

…she bought cheese in a driveway.

…she puts hemp seeds in her whole wheat banana pancakes.