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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where Have You Been?


Wow. It’s been a long time since my last post here and the truth is I don’t know if anyone is still stopping by to see if there’s anything here.  Why would I let the slim momentum we had going peter out?  Well, the answer is grad school.  Just about the time of my last post I got word that a new PhD program in my field (the first of it’s kind) was finally approved for this fall.  Exciting news, but it also meant that I had twelve days to study for the GRE, and another two weeks to write my essays, get my transcripts, and cross my fingers.  That was only the beginning.  Once I was accepted I had to figure out how to move my entire family to the east coast, find a place to live, rent my house, quit my job while keeping my health insurance, and pack.  This has left me no time for writing.  I promise as soon as I get settled in DC I’ll get back to bringing you more Berkeley related fun.

“But how can you leave Berkeley?”  I know this is on your mind.  Leaving Berkeley so soon after coming back is hard.  Leaving means missing my friends and family and losing out on all the great relationships I’ve started as a result of YMISB.  But the PhD is a long time dream of mine.  It’s also the best chance I have to further my career and my family’s well being, so off I go.  But, like Patton, I will return.  I know, Patton never did return, but I will.

With travel, specifically my upcoming cross country drive with my dogs on out mind we present this:

Alison Williams: My mom is so Berkeley that one time on a camping trip in the VW bus, the fan belt broke. My dad was clueless (my mom always fixed the bus herself) but my mom made a makeshift fan belt out of pantyhose. "Mom, why do you have pantyhose?", I asked in shock. "I don't know, but I'm glad I did..."

Your mom is so Berkeley…

… the only downer part of her trip to Europe in '68 was that the East German police confiscated her Cuba Revolution poster

…she named her travel agency in Walnut Square, Berkeley Unified Travel Service because it had a nice "come together" feel to it. Or maybe it was just because she had a good sense of humor and knew the acronym would be "BUTS".

… she left her car door unlocked "just in case a homeless person needed a place to sleep." Which actually eventually happened, and stunk the inside of the car up to holy hell.

…she drives around with artwork epoxied to her car.

… she taught you whenever you travel and you have to go to the bathroom, just find the nicest hotel in town and go right in.