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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

YMISB on TV!(?)

We've been bumped back to a Friday afternoon taping. Hopefully we'll make the Friday night newscast. Here's hoping.


Well, it looks like there's more important things going on in the Bay Area than this lil web site so we've been downgraded.  No reporter (reassigned) but a camera guy is coming to shoot some video.  Still cool right?  Right.


So this morning a poster on the facebook group mentioned seeing a teaser for a story on Your Mom is So Berkeley on the local NBC affiliate's 11 o'clock news cast.  After a little digging it turns out they planned to run the story last night but ran out of time.  WIN!  I got in touch with them to confirm their plan and they've scheduled a reporter to come by tonight.

Of course this doesn't mean it will be on tonight.  Or ever.  Or if it is on it could be 30 seconds at the end that don't make any sense.  I can see it now, "And before we close tonight your mom is so Berkeley that here's Tom with a final look at tomorrow's forecast."

But if you're a YMISB fan and you can stay up late and you're in the NBC 11 KNTV broadcast area please look for us.

Updates later.

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