"Your Mom is So Berkeley" started out as a joke at work. We thought it was funny so I wrote a note for some friends on facebook. They thought it was funny so I made a facebook group. The "Your Mom is so Berkeley" facebook group now has over 2,500 members so I've decided to bring it out to a wider audience. I hope you like it.

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Your Mother's Day is So Berkeley

Date: Saturday, May 8, 2010
Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm
Location: Tilden Park - Willows Picnic Area<-- Click for Directions and details.

05/06: It's getting close!  We will have coals going if you want to bring something to cook.  We will also (hopefully) have some games set up with some Berkeley-type prizes.  I also want to thank Buy Local Berkeley for helping us with some sponsorship support.  Believe it or not YMISB is not a profit generating enterprise and the idea of throwing an event for 100+ people was a little daunting.  We hope to have sodas from Amanda's and maybe some goodies from another local shop.

See y'all on Saturday!

04/21: I checked out the site today. It's nice. It's sort of on top of a hill and there's a trail that leads down to the creek. There's also a horseshoe pit nearby and bathroom a little ways up the hill.

There is on handicapped parking space. Other than that parking is pretty limited. There's parking near the adjacent picnic sites so be prepared for a little bit of walking.

More details soon.

Some of us YMISBers thought it might be nice to meet each other and the moms who inspired us. So why not a picnic in Tilden? Sound good? Good.

And what's more Berkeley than a big ol' community potluck? (Maybe a naked potluck, but we're not doing that.) The YMISB "staff" will provide some light refreshments and we hope that you'll bring some kind of dish to share. Nothing major just something for yourself and a few other folks. Hopefully we can kick back, share our Berkeley-ness and honor the moms who got us here.

More details soon.