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Friday, March 26, 2010

From a Berkeley Mom

Photo courtesy of Jenny Lipow


From my friend Ann (who is so Berkeley she won't join FB) a Berkeley mom born of a Berkeley mom:

Your mom is so Berkeley...

...she dropped you off at the Kiddie Corral to shop at the Co-op

...she invited all her hippie friends to watch your birth, and then they all made soup from the placenta and had a meal 

...she's still waiting to get her dividend from the Co-op

...your neighborhood rented a school bus and went to SF to protest the Vietnam War together 

...she's sure her phone is being tapped by the FBI

...she let you get arrested and put in jail when you were sixteen, for sitting in in front of the Army Induction Center

...she taught you how to make granola

...your pediatrician told her to let you run around barefoot as much as possible

...her favorite picture of you is the one with you holding the peace sign you painted for some protest or other  

...she knows the Bubble Lady personally

...she had Mr. Panasenko for Biology at Berkeley High



  1. How do I create a post on this blog? I've got major Berkeley mom shit goin on

  2. Write your story, add a pic if you like, then email it to yourmomissoberkeley@gmail.com

    I look forward to hearing from you.