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Monday, May 3, 2010

Cars I

Photo courtesy of Anna Kolb

Here’s the thing about your mom’s car, it’s either hella old or hella new and it’s not American.  What else?  Ask reader Anna Moyles,

“Now I'm remembering my mom knocking the muffler off her Volvo 240 by going up too steep of a driveway... she picked the smoking hot thing up with a towel from the backseat, chucked it into the back and we continued on our way.”

Your mom is so Berkeley…

... she's never owned a car that wasn't a VW or a Volvo.

...she drives a Volvo older than you or better yet she upgraded to a bio-diesel Mercedes

…I swear she invented the term, "double park".

…she let me fall out of the back of the VeeDub bus when I was 4 yrs old and didn't notice for 2 miles

…she painted a giant dragon on the family truck (I guess because the rhinocerous painted on the other side didn't stand out enough?)

…she didn't learn how to drive until her sixties because she could take the bus and walk everywhere.

… she drives an electric car.

…you had to drive the old 1967 volvo to pick up your prom date

… she's got 50+ bumper stickers on the back of her car...

…even her Prius drives a Prius

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