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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Your Move is So Berkeley

So every time we get an influx of new members we get a bunch of the standard jokes that reemerge because they're the first ones people think of. Any member who's been around more than a few weeks will recognize the all time #1 most posted YMISB joke: YMISB...she calls it Grove St. Other common jokes have to do with body hair and PCITD (Post Carob Induced Trauma Disorder)

One of the other common types of jokes is about where your mom moved to because that place is either now more Berkeley than Berkeley, or it's just more affordable. A while back I compiled some of the place your mom has gone. Because your mom gets around.

Examples from members include:


...she is debating selling the house and moving to Oregon or Maine cause Berkeley has become "so fucking precious".

...she moved to Covelo.

...she moved to Sonoma about 1982.

...she moved to Oakland 30 years before it was cool.

...she moved to the South during the civil rights movement to be a part of it. In 1966, back when her maiden name was Jamieson, she was the first white woman to attend Grambling as part of an NAACP integration strategy. Afterwards, her and my dad chose to move to tolerant Berkeley to start our interracial family, and I was born in 1970. (Ed. Note: This is way too much info for this format, but your mom seems pretty cool.)

...she moved to Albany cuz Berkeley was getting too yuppie!

 ...she moved to oakland, which is realer than berkeley.

...she moved to oakland! Couldn't afford the rent

... the cost of living in Berkeley is making her consider a move to *gasp* Albany

...she moved to Bolinas

...she moved to SEBASTOPOL

...she had to move to eugene

...she moved to Santa Cruz...and leads Goddess rituals

...she moved to west oakland

...she moved to some other place that's cooler or even more Berkeley. Like um, Takoma Park, MD. Or (Your city here). The dream of the 60's is alive in Portland (ME)!
(Ed. Note: No. It's not.)

...she refused a profitable opportunity to move to Kensington because in her memory "that's where all the Feds always lived." (Ed. Note: Thank you!)

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